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Howdy, and welcome to something I have been meaning to do for years now. In the year two-thousand and one I registerd a few domains and decided I would finally set up a blog and personal website. Finally, in two-thousand and nine, I did it! Eight years this took, and there have been countless deisgns, notes and resolutions that I would get it done, and I hope you like it. If there were an offical mission statement it would be...

Take all that I discover and learn and put it out there where it can impact others in a positive way

I hope you enjoy perusing and reading as much as I enjoyed building it. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Recent thoughts

The Windows vs. Mac debate has been going on for many years now, and I find myself in the middle of this debate all the time when attending user groups and networking events that involve developers.  One thing is for certain, developers like what they like, and are reluctant to change unless there is a good reason to do so.  I am on the complete other side of this fence in that I am always looking for the next great tool or toy to make my life working on interfaces all day, easier.

I own a MacBook Pro, a couple of Linux boxes and a pretty robust Vista x64 machine, and I use them all, all the time.  If I was forced to only have one of these machines, I would have to say personally, the MacBook Pro would be it, but that does not mean that the others don’t serve a specific purpose.  The thing I have found over the years is that there are some things Windows just does better, and many things that a Mac does better.  As for Linux, it certainly serves a purpose, and is unparalleled in regards to server technology.  There is a reason that 65% of all web servers out there are Linux based.

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Most recent work

Some design, some construction...Just a sampling of what I am working on now. Even when I am not doing something, I am doing something. Always sketching ideas, and putting together mockups. You never know when I might need something quick. Always carry a pocket sized notebook and a camera at all times possible. You never know when you will be inspired.

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Recent Tweets

I actually send in my Tweets using so that it updates my Facebook simultaneously, and sends a txt message to my peers when my status changes. Check it out at

About Me

Someone important to me once told me that you are not your job, you are defined by your actions. I sincerely try to remember that with everything I do. While I am a web developer, I am also so many other things. I am a husband to my wife, a son to my father, a father to my dogs, and a friend to my friends. I consider myself lucky that I need more than one hand to count my friends that would help me "bury the body" so to speak. If I am defined by anything, I am defined by that.

What i'm listening to
ES Posthumus

moe. Warts and All. Screaming guitars, and great energy. These boys really know how to tear it up. Need some positive energy while working? Turn this one up. Good honest music where the musicians actually can play their own songs all the way through without the need for editing.

What i'm reading
ASP Book

Man, this is exciting stuff! Coming primarily from a J2EE shop, .NET is all new to me. Just adding to my arsenal. Seems if you want to work these days, you have to at least be able to speak intelligently about his stuff.